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One of San Francisco’s Best Bakeries Is Opening a Second Shop at Historic Pier 70

Breadbelly, Standard Deviant Brewing, and a litany of makers will come to the Dogpatch neighborhood in the next year

A photo of food.
Breadbelly will open its second location in Building 12 at Pier 70.
Albert Law
Paolo Bicchieri is a reporter at Eater SF writing about Bay Area restaurant and bar trends, coffee and cafes, and pop-ups.

San Francisco fans of James Beard Award-nominated pastries and craft beer have reason to rejoice. The sprawling and historic Pier 70 in the Dogpatch was just leased by real estate company Brookfield Properties, which recently announced the first round of businesses to sign leases within the space. James Beard Award-recognized bakery Breadbelly and Standard Deviant Brewing are included on the list with more to be announced in the next year. According to a press release, the development’s flagship Building 12 will play host to these businesses and more.

For those tired of waiting in line at the Richmond District bakery in anticipation of kaya buns, news of a second Breadbelly location is tremendous. Breadbelly co-founder Clement Hsu said in a press release that the open layout will allow guests to get an up-close-and-personal view of croissant lamination with the smell of milk bread baking wafting on the air. “We are excited to join fellow makers and artisans in keeping alive the traditions of historical Building 12 with bun making instead of ship building,” Hsu said. This is also the second development facility for Standard Deviant whose original location in the Mission District is well-loved for breezy kickbacks with co-workers and friends.

Other tenants include custom shoe designer Studio Duskus, florist Marbled Mint, and legacy San Francisco business owner and motorcycle dealer Scuderia. Metalsmith Emi Grannis and paper artist Zai Divecha are in the lineup, too. Further names and spaces will be announced in the run-up to the grand opening as the San Francisco Central Waterfront continues development. Building 12, for its part in the entire 28-acre project, was built in 1941 as a part of the World War II ship-building effort.

Inside a building.
The interior of Building 12 at Pier 70.
Bruce Damonte

Correction: April 14, 2023, 9:45 a.m. This article was corrected to show that Breadbelly is located in the Richmond District of San Francisco.