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So, the Law That Will Allegedly Drive Up Bacon Prices Got Stymied. Again.

Plus, the lucky city of Brentwood just scored a Costco and a Jollibee and more food news

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Paolo Bicchieri is a reporter at Eater SF writing about Bay Area restaurant and bar trends, coffee and cafes, and pop-ups.

Despite having already earned Supreme Court approval, California’s anti-animal cruelty law that requires breeding pigs be held in cages large enough for them move freely be delayed until next year. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that’s thanks to the National Pork Producers Council doing everything it can to keep Proposition 12 from taking effect. The bill, meant to set cage standards for not only pork but chickens and veal, was approved by more than 62 percent of voters in 2018 — which means the pork industry has fought the bill successfully for five years. On May 11, the Supreme Court upheld the law in a 5-4 vote saying California is “entitled to protect its residents from practices it considers inhumane, and would not be unduly disrupting nationwide commerce.”

Still, lawyers for the state Department of Food and Agriculture agreed to postpone the implementation of the bill until January 1, 2024. The government office says it understands transition time is needed for the industry, whose leaders contend the bill will put an undue cost on consumers; Republican senator Chuck Grassley from Iowa calls it “California’s war on breakfast.”

Jollibee opens in East Contra County this weekend

In May Fairfield became the newest inheritor to the fried chicken phenomenon that is Jollibee. Now the Mercury News reports the Bay Area’s newest location of the Philipines-based fast food juggernaut opens in Brentwood on June 25, making it the 31st location in California. This one has a drive-thru and takes over a former Kentucky Fried Chicken at 6371 Lone Tree Way.

New Costco bound for Brentwood

Costco, the home of cheap hot dogs and enormous bundles of cost-effective goods, is also coming to the lucky city of Brentwood. The East Bay Times reports the local planning commission approved a 154,852-square-foot warehouse, complete with gas pumps and hundreds of parking spaces. This new location will also be on Lone Tree Way, which is looking less and less lonely all the time.

Iconic Lucca Ravioli’s storefront destroyed in car chase

Lucca Ravioli’s bright red storefront is a picturesque part of the Mission District, kitty-corner from Boogaloo’s on 22nd Street. But Mission Local reports the decal is no more due to a car chase gone awry. A police cruiser ran headlong into the building on Wednesday, destroying the large glass windows, awning, and front door. Victims’ conditions are unknown at this time. The shop closed in 2019, but its legacy goes on; the outlet reports one person on the scene shouted out, “Not Lucca! Why Lucca of all places? It went through enough.”

Oakland sandwich pros and powerhouse bakery team up

The team from Ok’s Deli, chef Albert Ok’s testament to Sichuan hot chicken sandwiches, is showing out at Elaine Chau’s Sunday Bakehouse. Per an Instagram post, fans can find the collab on June 23 at 11 a.m. when Ok will take over the bakery’s menu for the day.