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Lacy Smash Burgers and Midwestern Garbage Salads Are Set to Take Over Taraval Street

Pop-up powerhouses Lil’ Eagle Burger and Concession will head to the former Hotline space in the Outer Sunset in August

The exterior of Hotline restaurant, which closed after less than a year.
Concession and Lil’ Eagle Burger will takeover the former Hotline space in the Outer Sunset for the month of August.
Patricia Chang
Paolo Bicchieri is a reporter at Eater SF writing about Bay Area restaurant and bar trends, coffee and cafes, and pop-ups.

The Outer Sunset’s Taraval Street, especially between 46th Street to the Great Highway, hosts a weirdly dense stretch of righteous restaurants and bars. There’s the nautical-themed-dive bar Riptide and craft cocktail destination Whitecap. Then there’s Brothers Pizza with its tandoori chicken pies and Underdogs Too and its tacos Nick’s Way, battered and fried. Now, smash burgers from Lil’ Eagle Burger and Midwest comfort food from Concession are joining the fray with a joint installation at 3560 Taraval Street.

As of the first week of August, starting Monday, August 7, both pop-ups will take over the former Hotline space, Concession on the weekdays and Lil’ Eagle on the weekends. Zack Fernandes, owner and operator of Lil’ Eagle, popped up at Hotline owners Eddo and Clara Kim’s original shop Queens a few years back and says Eddo hit him up to take over Hotline throughout August. “Eddo and Clara are awesome to work with,” Fernandes says. The operation, for both pop-ups, will be to-go only; Whitecap lets guests bring food in, a fact Fernandes is hoping fans of his fried onion burger and classic smash burger will lean on. Concession will look to offer service five days a week, with breakfast on Mondays and lunch and dinner Tuesday through Friday — possibly an industry night on Mondays, too.

Billy Boss — who’s worked with Buddy Bar, the Mushroom, and True Laurel — has carted his hot dog and comfort food pop-up all around the city. “We’ve had lines out the door at each,” Boss says. He grew up on the south side of Chicago as a “latchkey” kid, and he says his family worshipped local sports. “Win or lose there was always a Gatorade and a candy bar waiting for me,” Boss says. “I want to provide that feeling for people. This space in the Outer Sunset is perfect, and I’m further and further drawn into the Sunset.”

The talented team-up aligns with the businesses’ goals. Fernandes says he hopes to set up in the Outer Sunset someday for good, but that’s down the road. A few surprise dishes or baked goods might make it in during this temporary installation, but really he’s excited to see his pop-up get a home. “It’s been sporadic over the last few years,” Fernandes says. “Consistency will be good.” Before August, fans can catch Concession at Dolores Deluxe on Sunday, July 16 for a rebirth of the much-drooled-over White Castle sliders. “That working-class food,” Boss says. “It got lost somewhere over the years in our food system. I’m bringing that back.”

Lil’ Eagle Burger and Concession will take up residency at 3560 Taraval Street as of Monday, August 7 with Concession open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Lil’ Eagle Burger on select Saturdays and Sundays from noon until sold out.


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