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Why This Popular Peninsula Breakfast Destination Is Closing

Plus Tarts de Feybesse links up with Copas on Market Street and more food news

Loco moco.
Morning Wood in San Mateo closes on September 30.
Morning Wood
Paolo Bicchieri is a reporter at Eater SF writing about Bay Area restaurant and bar trends, coffee and cafes, and pop-ups.

Perhaps the finest, if not only, destination in San Mateo for Japanese breakfast, alongside dishes pulling from Hawaiian and Korean cuisine, is closing. On September 30, Morning Wood will shutter after six years, leaving behind a band of loyal fans and a dearth of decadent loco moco. Owners Chad and Monica Kaneshiro told the Chronicle they were “burned out mentally, physically, emotionally.”

It was all the usual suspects that did them in: inflation, a lack of labor, and an incoming rent hike. Still, fans can look forward to a new “izakaya-style restaurant” on the Peninsula from the Kaneshiros in the near future. The couple told the paper they’ll host brunch pop-ups in the new space with no reservations. Diamond Head, the Kaneshiros’ Hawaiian-inspired general store in San Bruno, is still open, as well.

Walnut Creek bar ordered to close early to prevent crime

In July 2021, a quadruple shooting resulted in one man dead at the Spoontonic Lounge. There were also 20 reported incidents of fights, alcohol sales to minors, sexual assaults, drug sales, and more in 2022. The Mercury News reports Walnut Creek is now mandating the bar close at midnight rather than 2 a.m.

Bar Agricole extends hours and adds burgers to the mix

Legendary cocktail and dinner destination Bar Agricole is extending its offerings. According to a post on Instagram, the bar — which reopened just over a year ago — will use its packaging room, part of a fulfillment area for bottling its single-origin spirits, as an additional walk-in bar space complete with snacks and drinks for $10. Plus, now there are burgers.

Decadent pastries arrive on Market Street thanks to new partnership

Tarts de Feybesse took the Bay Area by storm last year with its glossy, colorful eclairs. Seemingly unrelated, there’s Copas, a Castro District restaurant that recently received high praise from the Chronicle for its tacos. But according to an Instagram post by the latter, those vibrant pastries will now be available for brunch at Copas from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekends.