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This Yemeni Coffee Pioneer Will Open a Second San Francisco Outpost in FiDi

Delah Coffee will open a new location on the corner of Sansome and Clay streets in spring 2024

Two kettles over candles at Delah Coffee.
Delah Coffee is poised to open two new locations in 2024, one in San Francisco’s FiDi and another in Sacramento.
Patricia Chang
Paolo Bicchieri is a reporter at Eater SF writing about Bay Area restaurant and bar trends, coffee and cafes, and pop-ups.

Yemeni coffee is on a spree in the Bay Area. When Omar Jahamee and his uncle Majed Jahamee opened the first Delah Coffee in SoMa back in July 2022, few knew how ready San Franciscans were for simmering pots of adeni chai and honey-drizzled pastries. Delah expanded to Oakland that fall, then Dearborn, Michigan success story Haraz Coffee House came to California and planted its flag in Pacific Heights.

In 2024, the trend seems poised to soar to new heights. A third Delah Coffee is opening at 450 Sansome Street, on the corner of Sansome and Clay streets, in spring 2024, taking over a former Peet’s Coffee location. After opening this new shop, the 20-year-old entrepreneur and his uncle will open the first Yemeni coffee shop in Sacramento with an Elk Grove outpost. Jahamee says this FiDi corner location is a great spot for the budding coffee empire. “This is something very different than any other coffee shop,” Jahamee says.

The exterior of a coffee shop space.
Delah Coffee with open in a former Peet’s Coffee space in FiDi.
Lauren Saria

The drink menu will be almost identical to the first locations. Even the size and layout will be similar to the location in SoMa, focusing on informative graphics explaining coffee’s history alongside ornate gold delah coffee pots. Though fans can anticipate a similar Delah experience at this new shop, Jahamee says a few spice blends may change on the drink front, just to see what’s landing with a new area in the city. The baked goods selection will change a little, though milk cakes and bee bites will still be on the menu. Jahamee does want to try out a few food and drink specials for the new store but hasn’t decided what that will look like just yet. “I want to make something no one’s made before,” Jahamee says.

After just about a year in business, Jahamee says he’s loving San Francisco. There have been few challenges for him and his business, and he says he feels his customers and fanbase have become a family. If there’s anything to look forward to at the new outpost, Jahamee says the decor — for a cafe in the FiDi — will be out of this world. He also gives major props to his uncle, Majed Jahamee, saying none of this is possible without him. “No obstacles stand in our way,” Jahamee says. “I love the culture expanding. It’s beautiful to see.”

Delah Coffee will open its second San Francisco location at 450 Sansome Street in spring 2024.

The interior of Delah Coffee.
The interior of Delah Coffee’s first San Francisco outpost.
Patricia Chang
A man standing behind a counter at Delah Coffee.
Delah Coffee debuted in San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood in July 2022.
Patricia Chang