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Ask Eater

How Do I Cut Perfect, Photo-Worthy Pie Slices This Thanksgiving?

Does California’s New ‘Junk Fee’ Law Ban Restaurant Service Fees?

Which Coffee Shops in San Francisco Serve the Best Espresso?

What’s the Difference Between a Service Charge and a Surcharge — and Do I Have to Pay Both?

Where Can I Find Mini Cocktails in San Francisco and the East Bay?

Where Can I Find Excellent Octopus in San Francisco?

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Is It Safe to Plan Big, Indoor Celebrations This Holiday Season?

Where Can I Find Tatami-Style Seating in San Francisco?

How to Get Restaurant Recommendations and Dining Advice From the Eater SF Team

What’s the Best Way to Show Vaccine Proof at SF Restaurants?  

What’s the Most Ethical Food Delivery App?

Readers want to know if there’s a way to get your favorite restaurant food delivered without relying on UberEats, Postmates, Grubhub, or DoorDash

When Can I Hang Out in Coffee Shops in the Late Afternoon Again?

Why Did My OpenTable Points Expire During a Pandemic? 

Where Can You Get Cheap Kitchen Pantry Organizers? 

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Where Should I Buy Tamales for Christmas?

Where Can You Find Thanksgiving Takeout for One Person?

Does a Restaurant Surcharge Replace Your Tip?

Where Can I Find Quesabirria Tacos in Marin County, a Quesabirria Desert?

Where Are San Francisco’s Interesting Fine Dining Experiences These Days?

How to Have a Romantic Dinner in COVID-era San Francisco

Why Can’t Restaurants Make It on Takeout Alone? 

Am I a Jerk if I Cash In My Restaurant Gift Cards?

Is It Safe to Eat Shellfish in the San Francisco Bay Area?  

How do You Celebrate a Special Occasion During a Pandemic? 

How Many San Francisco Restaurants Will the Coronavirus Crisis Permanently Close?

Can I Sue a Restaurant for Giving Me Coronavirus?

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What Are the Best Kid-Friendly Delivery Options? 

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Is It Safe to Order Sushi for Takeout and Delivery?

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Is It Safe to Share Stress-Baked Sourdough with Neighbors? 

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How Can I Get Food Delivered Without Using a Parasitic, Ethically Dubious Delivery App?

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Is It Safe to Eat Takeout If You Microwave the Shit Out of It?  

Can You Get Booze Delivered During the Time of Coronavirus?