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Ask Eater

Is It Safe to Eat Shellfish in the San Francisco Bay Area?  

How do You Celebrate a Special Occasion During a Pandemic? 

How Many San Francisco Restaurants Will the Coronavirus Crisis Permanently Close?

Can I Sue a Restaurant for Giving Me Coronavirus?

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What Are the Best Kid-Friendly Delivery Options? 

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Is It Safe to Order Sushi for Takeout and Delivery?

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Is It Safe to Share Stress-Baked Sourdough with Neighbors? 

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How Can I Get Food Delivered Without Using a Parasitic, Ethically Dubious Delivery App?

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Is It Safe to Eat Takeout If You Microwave the Shit Out of It?  

Can You Get Booze Delivered During the Time of Coronavirus? 

What’s a Restaurant in SF Where It Isn’t Weird to Eat Alone? 

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