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All the Michelin Star Restaurants in the Bay Area in 2021, Mapped

Discover the stars closest to you, or strategize your driving and dining itinerary

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After taking a year off for the pandemic, Michelin finally updated its California guide with a fresh round of stars for 2021. Adding five new two-star restaurants and 22 new one-star restaurants across the state, that brought the totals up to 90 restaurants with Michelin stars in California. And per usual, the majority of those are in San Francisco and wine country: We have the most stars awarded to 54 restaurants, and we have the highest concentration of three-star restaurants. While there were no new additions to that top tier this year, six restaurants successfully held onto their three-star status, all of them local to Northern California.

So to discover the stars closest to you, or devise your driving and dining itinerary, here’s exactly where those Michelin stars are shining across the greater Bay Area, stretching from Mendocino to Carmel.

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Note: Restaurants on this map are listed geographically.
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Harbor House Inn

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Harbor House was promoted to two stars this year, thanks to its fine-dining farm-to-table fare in a gorgeous natural setting on the Mendocino coastline. (2 stars)

Courtesy of Harbor House Inn

SingleThread Farm - Restaurant - Inn

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The highly acclaimed SingleThread kept its three stars for its hyper-seasonal food meticulously plated with moss and flowers. (3 stars)


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A wine country wedding favorite for more than 15 years, Barndiva snagged its first star this year, for rustic dishes served in a lofty red barn. (1 star)

The Kitchen Restaurant

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The only star in Sacramento remains with the Kitchen, first opened in 1991, and known for truffle dishes and kitchen tours. (1 star)

Auberge du Soleil

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For more than a decade, this Napa favorite has served tasting menus and perfect pairings with vineyard views. (1 star)

Modern dessert at Auberge du Soleil Auberge du Soleil

The French Laundry

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The Napa institution is still a fine-dining destination, with a months-long waitlist, drawing food and wine lovers from around the world for $350-plus tasting menus. (3 stars)

The French Laundry
The French Laundry

La Toque

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Hats off to La Toque, which is still shining with a manageable six-course tasting menu plus a la carte options in downtown Napa. (1 star)

Kenzo kept its star for exquisite kaiseki and sake pairings served to a coveted 25 seats in a minimalist space. (1 star)


At the base of Mt Tam, a former French Laundry chef serves super-seasonal menus with a little less fuss. (1 star)

Patricia Chang

The only two-star restaurant in Oakland continues to impress the inspectors with tasting menus in a relaxed space. (2 stars)

Halibut and asparagus with borage salt, shiso, and grilled fish bone vinegar, served in an oversized white bowl Isabel Baer

Gary Danko

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The fine-dining classic of the 90s pulled through the pandemic with white tablecloths still starched. The guide loves the three- and five-course menus, sharp waiters, and over-the-top flowers. (1 star)

Terrine from Gary Danko Gary Danko

Bar Crenn

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An interesting inclusion, given that it has still yet to reopen, Bar Crenn was still acknowledged for its caviar bites and bubbles, served in a Parisian flea-chic living room. (1 star)

Atelier Crenn

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Dominique Crenn remains the only three-star female chef in America, known for her revelatory tasting menus starring briny fish and seasonal vegetables, chased by pastry chef Juan Contreras’ remarkable desserts. (3 stars)

He may have stumbled in recent years with chef partnerships, but Daniel Patterson’s original restaurant continues to serve bold and modern tasting menus. (2 stars)

Cozied up in historic Jackson Square, Quince is a fine-dining special occasion, from the caviar openers to the macaron mignardises. (3 stars)

 The new lounge area at Quince in Jackson Square.
The new lounge area at Quince in Jackson Square.
Photo: Aubrie Pick

Mister Jiu's

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Despite several upscale Chinese restaurants opening in Chinatown in recent years, Mister Jiu’s remains the standalone star. (1 star)

Kassie Borreson

The woodfire smoke-tinged seafood sister spot from the Saison team is still a star. (1 star)


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The Cal-Italian destination on top of Nob Hill continues to dazzle inspectors with elaborate pasta dishes and floral arrangements. (2 stars)

Octopus from Acquerello Acquerello

The Shota

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A fan favorite for its fatty tuna takeout boxes during the pandemic, although it has now returned to omakase service in a serene space, the Shota earned its first star this year. (1 star)

Sons & Daughters

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Sons & Daughters holds one star for its seasonal tasting menus served in an intimate black-and-cream space. (1 star)

Sons & Daughters Eater Archives

Campton Place

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Although it had not fully reopened for upscale dining at the time of the awards, Taj Campton still holds two stars for its colorful and innovative Indian cuisine. (2 stars)

Lobster at Campton Place Campton Place

The Pac Heights neighborhood standout still shines with seven courses of seasonal vegetables and fresh pastas. (1 star)

With New Californian classics and a handsome dining room, Spruce generously serves tony Sacramento Street. (1 star)

Plating sauce at Spruce Spruce

Rustic Cal-Italian dishes still reign at this pasta innovator in the Fillmore. (1 star)

Mourad serves colorful Moroccan cuisine, from the tightly bundled chicken basteeya to the hand-rolled couscous, in an equally dazzling downtown dining room. (1 star)

O' by Claude Le Tohic

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Ride the elevator all the way up to the top floor of ONE65, the many-layered French emporium, and O’ by Claude Le Tohic is the fine dining room. It received its first star this year, and no doubt those gasp-inducing cheese and dessert carts helped. (1 star)

Corey Lee’s acclaimed original restaurant is an “oasis in the heart of they city,” so the inspectors say, serving gorgeously plated courses in tasting menus. (3 stars)

Benu Bill Addison

Kin Khao

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Temporarily closed for the entirety of the pandemic, Kin Khao still managed to maintain a star for its funky and fiery Thai dishes. (1 star)

Dishes at Kin Khao Dogpatch Kin Khao

Avery Restaurant

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The luxe new Avery opened a couple of years ago and caught its first star this year for its tasting menus filled with wagyu, oysters, caviar, and smoke. (1 star)

State Bird Provisions

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With its dim sum–inspired carts and legendary quail, State Bird is still notoriously hard to book a table. (1 star)

Ice cream sandwich from State Bird Provisions State Bird Provisions

The Progress

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Just next door to sister restaurant State Bird, the Progress has another star in its own right, and the big duck platter and peanut milk aren’t to be missed. (1 star)

Wako Japanese Restaurant

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This neighborhood gem on Clement Street is loved for “pristine” omakase. (1 star)

Saison lost its third star a couple of years ago, when chef Joshua Skenes disappeared into the wilderness, but the team is still serving strong tasting menus. (2 stars)